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Harvester Solutions was founded in 2009 to provide business owners cost effective social media promotion, client acquisition and retention, company growth and digital media channel development.

Chief Social Wrangler

Chief Social Wrangler

Stephen Harvey, Chief Social Wrangler at Harvester Solutions likes sowing the social media seeds.  He just doesn’t do it with a cowboy hat and boots!

Time for a Hayride?

Time for a Hayride?

Contact us to see how we can help you become a better social media wrangler.

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Harvester Solutions clients

Harvester Solutions has worked with many individuals and businesses in the Greenville and Upstate South Carolina area. We are proud to showcase a few here.



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Harvester Solutions worked directly with President and Owner, Randi Handshoe. We developed Internet strategies to

Harvester Solutions is just that, a full solution to help secure a strong social media presence for a business. We offer single services or an entire package depending on the business needs.

Social Media assistance:

  • Help you keep-up-with and understand all of the constant social media changes and updates
  • Get you a strong start and then a firm foot-hold in social media to engage customers & clients to drive more business
  • Improve your business’s chances of being ranked highly in search engine result pages (SERPs) and reduce the likelihood of being punished by Google
  • Help you manage advertising on the Internet
    • Understand, navigate & use Google Adwords
    • Effectively work with Facebook Ads
    • Educate about Ad platforms on other social media platforms
  • Keep you in the game so you can stay competitive against the other guys

Stephen helped us set up our social media plan. He made it easy for us to understand social media and why it is important to our small business!

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